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Aventri's state-of-the-art mobile app enables you to keep your attendees informed at all times, enables them to connect with their peers and helps you understand what they value the most.

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Express App

The Express App is a light version and is added as a brand to the LOOPD Events App by default on iOS, Android and Web. 

Express App

Pro App

The Pro App is an enterprise-grade mobile app built for event professionals who are ready to take their events to the next level. 

Pro App

White-Label Distribution

White-Label Distribution enables you to launch your Pro App with your company's Apple Developer Account. 

The Smart Tag can securely clip on to an attendee name badge with a retractable reel.
The Smart Tag can securely stick on to an attendee name badge.

Smart Tag Starter Kit

Regular price $5,000.00 USD

The Smart Tag is a small passive wearable that captures physical analytics for each attendee.  For the attendee you can enable contact exchange between Smart Tags, and provide them with a complete event journey of what they did at your event. The Smart Tag automatically monitors session attendance and captures interactions to identify real attendee engagement. You can access our marketing collateral for the Smart Tag Starter Kit here.

The Smart Tag Starter Kit comes with 250 Smart Tags, 15 Smart Hubs to capture physical event data, 1 day of onsite support, 10 hours of pre-event support and round trip 5-day ground shipping anywhere in the United States including Hawaii. Hotel and travel is not included within the Smart Tag Starter Kit and will be billed after your event. Maximize attendee connections and provide an endless supply of eco-friendly digital business cards. The Smart Tags and Smart Hubs are collected back at the end of the event by onsite support. If you'd like to order more Smart Tags or order them for an event outside the United States, please contact sales here.

Event Analytics comes with the Smart Tags, and revolutionizes the way event planners measure and optimize the value and impact of their events. The visual dashboard allows you to easily track metrics against your targeted goals, benchmarks, and trends to get the insights you need to proactively manage your event and make the next one even better.

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