The Pro App has over 30 features that can you set up for a custom experience.
The Pro App has over 10 reports that show detailed analytics and insights.
The Pro App can be completely customized to match your brand guidelines.

Pro App Pro Serv

Regular price $3,500.00 USD

With Pro App Pro Serv you receive 24 hours of dedicated help with a Project Manager to build your Pro App. This is required if it's your first time using the Pro App. The Project Manager will provide an overview of the Pro App process including: timeline, what will be delivered per the contract (i.e iPad submissions and advanced analytics), stages of the project (function discovery, training, build and handover to support), contact during the process and Pro App account setup. 

A two (2) hour training on the Pro App features and aspects of Registration that are required for the Pro App will be conducted. The professional services team will review the features that best fit your event, and will provide an overview of the required design assets and what is required for submission (app settings). Following training, you'll be encouraged to set up the features and complete the content of the Pro App in Manage App in Event Analytics.

The professional services team will test the Pro App prior to submission to ensure all data and the app are setup and obtain approval to submit to the app store. Once the app is on the store, a training will be conducted to review the Pro App and how the you can manage the Pro App for your event. If you'd like to learn more about the Pro App Pro Serv, please contact sales hereYou can view the app timeline here.