The Express App has visual profiles to show off each attendee's true personality.
The Express App has the smartest networking to match nearby attendees.
The Express App promotes sharing between your attendees with an interactive activity feed.
The Express App makes it easy for attendee's to find the most relevant sessions.

Express App

Regular price $2,000.00 USD

The Express App is a light version of our Pro App. The Express App is added as a brand to the LOOPD Events App by default on iOS, Android and Web. There is no App Store submission required, and you can instantly publish your event app. The Express App comes with one brand and one event to start off for one year. A new annual license must be paid each year. 

What is included?

  • Ability to build a feature-complete event app
  • 20 available app features
  • Fully customizable look and feel to align with your brand identity
  • Leverage Event Analytics*
  • View the full feature list

Interested in learning more?

  • Demo the LOOPD Events App
  • Compare Express App to the Pro App
  • If you have more questions about the Express App, please contact us.

*Event Analytics is included with Express App to help you recognize key investment areas that build brand equity and identify the most trending sessions, exhibitors and activations. You can even reveal your most influential attendees at your event and know how to create influential evangelist communities.