What can attendees do with the Pro App?

The Pro App enables attendees to be informed about the event at all times, tag favorites, take notes, create a personal schedule, leverage networking features, discover nearby attendees and control the Smart Tag.

What can event organizers do with the Pro App?

The Pro App enables event organizers to increase attendee post-event activity, set up targeted campaigns, fully customize the look and feel of the app to align with their brand identity and choose from over 30+ available app features.

What are the 30+ features available in the Pro App?

The Pro App comes with Engagement and Analytics, Customization and Personalization, Information and Monetization features that include: 

  • Voting
  • Social Media
  • Session Rating
  • Check-In
  • Surveys
  • Meeting Request
  • Dashboard
  • Photo Sharing
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Activity Feed
  • Push Notifications
  • Personal Agenda
  • Messaging & Inbox
  • Favorites
  • Notes
  • My Profile
  • Attendee Networking
  • Conference Bag
  • User Login
  • User Permissions
  • General Info
  • Attendee List
  • News & Social Feeds
  • Exhibitors & Sponsors
  • Interactive Floorplan
  • Sessions & Speakers
  • Catalogs Forms
  • Banner Ads
  • Premium Listings
  • Sponsored Push Notifications
  • Premium Content
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capturing

What can event organizers do with Event Analytics?

Event Analytics enables event organizers to recognize key investment areas that build brand equity, identify the most trending sessions, determine the real worth of their floor plan, reveal the most influential attendees at their event and know how to create influential evangelist communities.

What can event organizers do with Goals?

Goals enables event organizers to define event goals and keep track of their performance, capture and analyze mission-critical event data, evaluate event success in real-time, view actionable metrics and connect to a wide range of data sources (registration data, survey data and more).

What are the key value drivers that Goals can analyze?

Goals can measure the registration quality and quantity, session interest and ticket sales before the event. During the event it can focus on engagement, leads, networking and attendee satisfaction. After the event it can focus on strategic conversion analysis, marketing objectives, and continuous event improvement.

What does the Express App include for Event Analytics?

The Express App comes with Event Analytics that includes an Overview Dashboard and Reporting. Overview Dashboard shows the top 3 attendees, the mobile app platforms used, the total app downloads, the number of real time users, the total sessions, and the number of sent push notifications. Reporting gives users a single spot to easily download all of their Express App related reports. These reports include general app/event analytics that shows technical stats about the Express App, conference bag that shows an overview of attendees with the content they favorited in the Express App, and photo sharing that shows all of the pictures taken by the attendees with the Express App. 

What makes up the 24 hours of Pro Serv for the Pro App?

A two (2) hour training on the Pro App features and aspects of Registration that are required for the Pro App will be conducted. The professional services team will review the features that best fit your event, and will provide an overview of the required design assets and what is required for submission (app settings). Following training, you'll be encouraged to set up the features and complete the content of the Pro App in Manage App in Event Analytics.

The Professional Services team will test the Pro App prior to submission to ensure all data and the app are setup and obtain approval to submit to the app store. Once the app is on the store, a training will be conducted to review the Pro App and how the you can manage the Pro App for your event.