How do I get started with BadgeNow?

Our team will guide you through the easy on boarding process to show how streamlined your new check-in experience can be. Your event must have a lead time of at least 7 weeks from order date to allow for pre-configuration, setup and shipping to your venue.

What are the print guidelines for BadgeNow?

  1. Print high-quality color badges on-demand
  2. Print any active text based attendee info fields (Ex: First
  3. Name, Last Name and Company)
  4. Print at one location with one or more printers
  5. Less than 1000 attendee badges
  6. Requires strong 4G connection

 How can I automate my check-in process with BadgeNow?

  1. Deliver a quick, easy and trouble-free check-in process for your attendees
  2. Eliminate stressful hardware compatibility issues and badge material management
  3. Seamlessly link badge printing with Aventri check-in
  4. Trigger badge printing remotely or onsite from any device, phone or laptop

How can I start printing color badges in seconds with BadgeNow?

  1. Portable and preconfigured with easy event setup
  2. Stop relying on IT staff and launch a polished onsite attendee experience
  3. Only requires a 4G, Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, power source and lanyards
  4. Comes fully loaded with BadgeNow badge stock and tablet (with 4G/Wi-Fi/ethernet)

How is BadgeNow compatible with Aventri?

Go into your event with confidence, knowing that BadgeNow works effortlessly with Aventri Registration on any device. Trigger badge printing directly and automatically from Aventri admin, self-service or self-scan check-in.

How is setup effortless with BadgeNow?

Eliminate the need to rely on your IT team to set up your operating system with specific connections or configurations that change event to event. Launch Aventri Registration, setup a reliable Wi-Fi, 4G or ethernet connection and you’re check-in experience is ready.

How portable is BadgeNow?

Don’t get weighed down. BadgeNow was designed for event planners on the go. In addition to easy travel, you’ll be able to change your onsite layouts without being tied down by connections or cumbersome hardware.